What a difference a year makes… last year at the first annual Baker Splitfest we unveiled our new Split30 system to the public for the first time. We scrambled like mad to get everything in order for our first demo and I have to admit the nerves were a bit high, our minds running, “What will people think?”
Fast forward to this past weekend… we sold out of bindings in December, had a great showing at SIA, and have some new partners for the 2011/12 season. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and there is no better way to celebrate than touring and shredding with some friends, new and old, at the mecca of snowboarding, Mount Baker.
Day1: We picked Jim W. up at the airport a little after midnight due to long weather delays out of California. After a short night’s sleep and finishing up a couple sets of superlight bindings, we hit the road for Baker.
Rolling into the Heather Meadows parking lot around 5pm to blue skies and a couple inches of new snow, we decided to go for a quick tour with the little light that we had remaining. As we scurried up to Swift Creek for a short lap, we ran into Zach Clanton up from Utah, sporting a tasty looking prototype Chimera Split. Sweet!
A quick chat and we were on our way, kicking mini methods 🙂