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Ride Mode 2.0

For Winter 2018-19 we at Karakoram are proud to release the next generation ride mode for our Prime System, the Ride Mode 2.0.  While keeping the Active Joining  Karakoram is known for,  spring loading your bindings to your board for instant response, we've engineered the Ride Mode 2.0 to have... read more →
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The Outsiders

The Outsiders Words: Ian Wood Photos: Jordan Ingmire Get a copy in print from Diggin Magazine Japan or Transfer Magazine Australia     The sound of explosions stir me from a deep slumber. The bombs may be going off thousands of feet away but the blasts shake me from my... read more →
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The Future of Splitboarding

You've been waiting, but you're not sure for what. Inspiration has struck, and the future is here. Join the new revolution, and free your mind. We've been keeping this project wrapped up tight, but now it's time to open up and bite into what's next. Shipping April 1st, 2018
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Ian Wood Goes Quivering

Video: Sean Fithian Ian Wood is all about using less, yet getting more. His commitment to converting his truck to bio fuels, his efforts to minimize his overall carbon footprint, and his open-minded outlook have shown us he is someone that truly cares about understanding how his life impacts others... read more →