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Write a Friend

We understand the future of marketing is in social media.  Though we’ve made the decision as a company to focus nearly all of our resources so far into research, development, and high quality, sustainable materials, with the hope the product will speak for itself, we’ve heard a lot from our competition in the market about how we need to sell more, and aggressively push our message of Made in USA, high-performance, high-innovation snowboarding out to the masses.  Well, message received. Only instead of competing with everyone else in the land of Instagram and Facebook, we’re taking things to the next level. We’re utilizing a newfangled, underground form of social media- so underground that most millennials haven’t even caught on and started using it yet. Ready for it? Here we go:


Okay, so maybe you have heard of it already.  Maybe it’s not so new. Well, then maybe we’re not going to shift our focus away from building the best product possible to start jumping the gun onto the latest marketing hype/craze.  

Still, there is something to be said about the significance of taking the time to write a good old fashioned note to a friend or loved one.  And if sharing our images on a piece of recyclable cardstock can help make that connection, then that’s the kind of marketing we’ll get behind.

Use this card to share a sentiment with a friend.  A few of our suggestions follow, but your creativity is the canvas here:

“Dear [non-splitboarder friend]

Let’s go outside soon.”

“Let’s go deep together”

The wilderness is meant to be explored, and it is best explored with a friend.  Spending time in the outdoors matters, and the connections we make while doing so matter.  

Thank you,