Mt Shasta and the Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment

“On May 20th, 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years the sun, the moon and the constellation responsible for our evolution and ascension, the mysitc Pleiades, [aligned] in a spectacular total solar eclipse directly over one of the most powerful, mysterious, spiritual vortexes in the world: the mighty Mount Shasta” (

Chris, Tyler and I drove down from Seattle to meet up with the Jones, TGR, twsnow and Further crew, for this was a once in 26,000 year event we couldn’t miss. Anticipation was high and everyone was on the look out for Lemurians, UFOs and Crystal Cities ascending.

A possible UFO sighting or maybe it’s just a glow in the dark frisbee…

Heading up to horse camp with the heavy pack.

Sunset over base camp. We didn’t have any Lemurian encounters, but there were lots of splitboarders.

Gear shots:

Forrest Shearer’s Carbon Solution with SL bindings

Luca Debari’s Whiteroom with SL bindings.

Primes on a Carbon Solution

Jeremy Jones’ SL splitboard bindings. Good words to live by.

Late night guitar antics

The best part of being at Horse Camp is the late start. We started walking up at about 7:00 am.

A little food, water and guitar break at Lake Helen. The weather allowed us to go at a much easier pace than last year. We were able to leave later in the day and take a more leisurely pace up to the summit.

Lucas Debari heading up towards the Red Banks. Lucas and a few others skinned all the way up to the Red Banks. It gets pretty steep near the top of the Red Banks so most people boot packed to save energy.

Another food and water break at the Red Banks. Since the eclipse was happening at 6:00pm we decided to hang out for an hour or so before climbing up Misery Hill.

Jeremy Jones heading out from the Red Banks.

Maria Debari hiking up with her new Gnu B.Pro split.

Wyatt getting to the top of Misery Hill.

Mt. Shasta summit party. We had 25+ splitboarders on the summit… I think it may have been a record.

Forrest Shearer standing above the clouds.

Tim and Kim Manning on the summit

Tactics owner Matt Patton hanging loose on the summit.

Jeremy and Forrest waiting for the clouds to clear

Byron Bagwell stoked for the eclipse

Waiting in the clouds for the eclipse. I had no idea how to photograph an eclipse, so I just lucked out with the clouds and the camera settings .

The moon eclipsing the sun.

It’s crazy how quickly the weather move around Mt. Shasta. One minute we’re in the clouds and the next it’s sunny illuminating miles of fresh corn snow.

Jeremy and Forrest ripping the moonscape of Mt. Shasta.

Tyler enjoying the untracked corn snow

We decided to hangout for a while and watch the full eclipse.

Three sets of goggles made for good viewing of the eclipse.

Nothing like the feeling of riding 6000 vertical feet of natures groomed snow.

A jello-legged toe side slash.

Looking down at our tent city at Horse Camp.

Splitboards are good for more than touring and snowboarding, our splitboard bench and table.

After a relaxing night we headed back to Bunny Flat. Riding with a big pack and sore legs is always an adventure.

Thanks to Chad and the Jones crew for the invite to another great Shasta trip!