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We are mountain people. We are innovators. We are the builders of our products.

Our designs and products are born from our mountain experiences. We are as passionate about our gear as we are about the mountains. We build products that we use.

The belief that there is always a better way fuels our drive to create . Even though we are setting new industry standards with our products- we know we can make them even better and we will.

We take pride in building each product as if it were our own gear. Our products are built with our own hands. By riders for riders.

We love the mountains. We love creating. We love building our products in North Bend, Washington.

Meet the Team

Tyler Kloster

Co-Owner // Engineer

Snowboarding Since: 1987
Background: Splitboarder, BS UW Mechanical Engineering ’02

Where does your creativity come from?
I don’t really know where my creativity comes from to be honest. I have always had some weird inner drive to figure out how everything works or why things are the way they are, especially understanding mechanical things. This, for me at least, leads naturally into wanting to make things better and creating new things.

Coolest thing you’ve done with Karakoram?
I think it has to be all the friends that we’ve made along the way

What’s your ideal day?
Finish a new prototype, zip up to the mountains for a test tour, shred a 1500-2000ft pow filled couloir, finish the day at Alps for a few runs with my 2 year old daughter.

Favorite trick
NW Method and Wildcats

Bryce Kloster

Co-Owner // Engineer

Snowboarding Since: 1987
Background: Splitboarder, BS UW Mechanical Engineering ’02

Where did the idea for the Split30 come from?
After riding a splitboard for the first time it felt so different from a solid snowboard that the second I got home I gave Tyler a call and told him that I knew that there had to be a better way to make a splitboard. A year later we had our first working prototypes and the rest is history.

Who inspires you?
I owe a lot to my dad as he got Tyler and me into skiing at age 3 and snowboarding at age 8. He also taught us a lot about working hard and figuring out how things work. He isn’t an engineer, but he thinks like one.

Favorite thing about running Karakoram?
Snowboarding has always been a huge part of my life, so it is pretty cool to be making products that other snowboarders are enjoying.

What’s your favorite snowboard trick?
A Northwest Style Method

Russell Cunningham

Communications Director // North America Sales

Years Snowboarding: 20+
Background: Splitboarder, Mountaineer, Exercise Physiologist, Pumped on being Stoked

Why are you a part of Karakoram? 
Quality of life is everything. I spent a long time preparing for a career in physical therapy research, but after a while I realized that I wasn’t there for the right reasons; it wasn’t for passion, I was doing it because of my ego. What I get to do now is apply my strengths and education to something that supplies me with endless amounts of passion and energy: Mountains and Relationships.

How did you get involved?
Well there were these two kooks I meet at the first Mt. Baker Splitfest and the rest is history…

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on? Why?
Spending two weeks on a glacier in Alaska. Getting the chance to see the biggest and wildest place I’ve ever seen and riding terrain that dreams are made of.

Favorite trick
BS 180

Robert Timmerman

Production Manager

Years Snowboarding: 15+
Background: Splitboarder, Material Science Engineer

How did you get started with Karakoram?
Through Husky Snowboard team, started with a summer internship.

You’re from Hawaii, how did you get into snowboarding
My parents bought me a snowboard in 8th grade and took me to Idaho to go snowboarding.

How does material science play into backcountry products?
Understanding how temperature and use will impact design and material selection. Finding a balance between weight savings while maintaining performance and dependability.

What’s your favorite place to tour?
Mt. Baker

Favorite trick

Elliott Murray


Kyle HansenKahn

Business Development // Marketing Director

Snowboarding Since: 1998
Background: Splitboarder, Snowboard Coach, BA in Business from University of Washington

Why are you a part of Karakoram?
I’ve known and looked up to Bryce and Tyler since my first year riding the Alpental backcountry. Once I saw what they had done so far at Karakoram- the product, the culture, and the people they’ve brought together, I knew this was a place for me. Not to mention the snowboarding– the office is twenty five minutes from my home mountain. It’s a good place to be.

How did you get involved?
I’d chatted with Bryce and Tyler over the years, and seen what they were doing, but I really got my foot, or should I say cast, in the door when the guys let me come in, hang out and help assemble bindings while I was recovering from bilateral ankle surgery. They helped me wheel myself through the door, and I haven’t wanted to leave since.

What do you want to do at Karakoram?
Lots! Too much to list, but one thing I’m really excited about is being a part of building splitboard culture. I want to make it easy for other people to get the same life changing experience out of snowboarding that I’ve had.

Favorite trick

Ross Bulawa

Machinist, Fixer of broken things

Years Snowboarding: 21
Background: Skateboarder, Snowboarder, Backyard Mechanic


Why are you a part of Karakoram?

Karakoram is a tight knit family with a “DIY or Die” mentality at its core that I feel honored to have a role in.

How did you get involved?

I applied for a summer binding builder position in 2016 that was supposed to only be for 6 months.  I packed up my truck and moved across the country from Wyoming to Washington.  Bryce and Tyler asked me to stick around and 5 years later I’m still here!

What do you want to do at Karakoram?

Share the magic and pride of manufacturing snowboard bindings in the USA with customers, employees, and the future generation of snowboarders.   

Where is your favorite place to go snowboarding?

Revelstoke, BC

Favorite trick

Working 40 hours a week and still snowboarding every day

Colin Woodward

Binding Builder / Media Specialist

Snowboarding Since: 2011

Background: Splitboarder, BA of Living in a Truck from the University of Dirtbag, Gummy Bear Enthusiast


Why are you apart of Karakoram?

Not only do I get to work with a bunch of like-minded folks who all live and breathe snowboarding, working at Karakoram allows me the freedom to live the way I want and do the things I want to do. It’s no flashy existence but I am very grateful for the opportunity and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Karakoram also allows me to build friendships with a lot of really rad individuals that I would have never met otherwise.

How did you get involved?

I started working with Karakoram during high-school turning screws and packing accessories. I returned the next summer and have stuck around since building bindings, creating digital media, and helping with customer service.

Where is your favorite place to go snowboarding?

Interior British Columbia. In the 1 to 2 times I get up there every winter, there is no way I will even scratch the surface of the region. The terrain up there always humbles your perspective on the mountains.

Favorite Trick?

The turn.

Jeff Howard

Binding Builder

Jaime Vincent

Customer Service Rep / Binding Builder

Years Snowboarding: 16

Background: Snowboarder, All things outdoors, former teacher & snowboard coach, Geologist


Why are you a part of Karakoram?

We’re all blue-collar dirtbags here, talking shop and trying to board as much as possible. The whole team has a great sense of humor, I learn something new every day and we get to bring our dogs to work. 🙂

How did you get involved?

I first heard about Karakoram because I won the Live Like Liz Award and wanted to run the same setup as Liz Daley. My first pair of Prime-X’s were going strong after more than 150 tours when an Instagram job posting caught my eye. I was a teacher and part-time snowboard coach, but I wanted to be more involved in the splitboard community. I applied for the Customer Service position, went for a splitboard tour interview with Bryce and Kyle and got the job, starting as a Binding Builder. Now that I’m here, I feel like I’m home! I look forward to growing with this small company!

Where is your favorite place to go snowboarding?

  1. The steep & deep
  2. Corny Volcanoes
  3. Slushy spring park laps

Favorite trick


Fletcher Van Buren

Binding Builder

Max McVay

Binding Builder

Tim Nishimura

Binding Builder

Andrew Koutroulakis

Binding Builder


Senior Office Dog


Black Lab


Truck Dog


Chief Hell Raiser


Shop Dog


Chief of Barking at People I Know, but Acting Like I Don't Know Them


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