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Developed for performance snowboarding on solid snowboards and splitboards. We’re all about the ride down the mountain- Performance Matters. Every design change we make boils down to one simple tenet: gear should improve our experience. For us, experience is driven by performance. High-performance snowboarding is more than transport,more than just trying to get down the hill. It is dynamic, playful, aggressive, unpredictable, fluid.


Binding Attachment

Karakoram riding performance starts with our Active Joining Technology which allows fast removal and attachment of bindings while maintaining optimal riding performance. When you close the Power-Link to lock your Karakoram bindings to the Quiver-Connectors (Ride Mode for splitboard), the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) spring loads the binding to the snowboard generating pre-loaded contact points near the snowboard edges. In addition to pre-loading contact points, the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) creates a wider connection to the board by extending the binding attachment points outside the traditional snowboard hole pattern. The combination of the wider connection and pre-loaded contact points prevents the bindings from flexing off the snowboard and increases your leverage to the edges of your snowboard, giving you more power transfer from less movement.


Ultra-Clips and Splitboard Clips

The Active Joining Technology in our Ultra-Clips and Splitboard Clips pre-loads the splitboard skis together to act as a solid snowboard in bending and torsion. The over-center cam lever actively joins and releases the Ultra-Clips and Splitboard clips allowing for ease of assembly and disassembly of your splitboard. Eliminate seam rattling, seam shearing and seam rolling with the Active Joining Technology in the Karakoram Ultra-Clips and Splitboard Clips.



Sidehilling – no longer the bane of splitboarders. Simply flip the Flex-Lock lever to gain double the side hilling leverage. You’ve never been so powerful while touring in icy conditions. Flip the lever back to regain lateral flex to surf the mountain and kick your methods.


Tired of foot pain and numb feet from your straps? The AirForm ankle strap conforms to your boot with independent compression pods eliminating pressure points and allowing for pinch-point free flex. Keep your feet happy and boots snug in your bindings while touring and riding.

Dual Ride-Stride

Saving energy in the backcountry can be the difference between going for a second lap, going for a longer tour, or going home because you’re wiped out. All Karakoram splitboard bindings come standard with patent pending Ride-Stride forward lean with a Walk Mode and a Ride Mode, to help you save energy whether touring or riding. Walk Mode has a -8° forward lean setting to help you stride further with every step because the highback isn’t pushing against your calf. The Ride Mode allows you to preset your forward lean between 0° and 22°, in 2° increments, to give you better leverage on your heelside turn and make your ride down more powerful and enjoyable. With Ride-Stride technology you don’t have to fiddle with small parts while your hands are cold to adjust your forward lean, just simply rotate the forward lean adjuster 90° between Walk Mode and your preset Ride Mode- set and forget. Ride-Stride is the fastest and easiest forward lean adjustment available.



We have all been there, standing before a steep approach trying to engage your climbing wires with your pole handle, well the solution is here. Our new DualSpeed Risers allow you to use only your pole basket to engage, it’s fast and on the fly, you can engage or adjust while you are ascending, it’s that easy. The wider platform allows for better edge control.

Split30 System

In 2010 Karakoram released the revolutionary Split30 Splitboard System, bringing solid board riding performance to splitboards. The Split30 was improved upon with the Prime System in 2014 by reorienting the connection points on the ride mode attachment while keeping the same Active Joining Technology to pre-load the binding to the snowboard. In Fall 2016 the Split30 was been phased out. We believe in Innovation Forever.