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The connection to mountains, to nature – to the snow, the trees, the ground rolling and undulating under your feet – the feeling of profound significance, of exhilaration, of calm – that feeling we felt the first time we made a turn, first time we rode fresh snow, first stepped foot into the backcountry – that feeling is why we snowboard.

Opening our minds and experimenting with different board shapes and ways of moving has brought that feeling closer to us than ever, fundamentally changing the way we approach snowboarding. Every turn has become an immersive point of focus. We pay more attention to the snow beneath us, matching our quiver to the terrain of the day. A quiver of boards to choose from every day, or even every run, has opened the door to a whole new paradigm.

These quiver packages are aspirational. We handpicked the boards that made the strongest impressions on us as we discovered quivering. It’s good to dream, and no dream has inspired us more than the meticulously-crafted, functional art of Gentemstick snowsurfs.

The mindset of quivering is attainable. Whichever boards you can get your bindings on will enrich your understanding and connection to snowboarding. You’ll find what we have found: that gear matters, that performance matters. Exploring the infinite variety of nature matters. With every board we add to our quiver, the possibilities open just a little wider. The connection grows deeper.