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For over ten years splitboarders have been asking for a way to lock their heels down while in Tour Mode. For winter ’12-’13 Karakoram is proud to announce the release of our Heel Lock Down Technology. The heel lock down is integrated into the climbing riser wire and base for a simple and unobtrusive design. Karakoram Heel Lock Down Technology will allow splitboarders to skate out of flat areas, side step up small hills and traverse demanding side hills.


  • No additional parts required, integrated into ’12-’13 Climbing Riser Base
  • Works with all Karakoram Splitboard Bindings (boards with ride mode inserts narrower than 3.375″ will require minor modification)
  • Not intended for downhill skiing. Heel lock down is designed for skating, side stepping and traversing. Climbing wire may deform and release with too large a load applied.
  • Works with all Karakoram splitboard bindings
  • Only for use with Karakoram splitboard bindings