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Our ambassadors are world class athletes, mountain guides and advocates for Karakoram. Every athlete we work with approached us about trying our gear and we are honored to have some of the best freeriders in the world riding Karakoram bindings.

Karakoram ambassadors test our gear all over the globe in the harshest conditions, from splitboarding in the polar lands of the Arctic Circle to exploring the desolation of Antarctica, climbing the highest peak in North America to riding endless pow in Japan, touring backyard stashes to claiming first descents. If we haven’t put our gear through harshest tests first, our ambassadors are sure to do it for us.

Click on their pictures to learn more about each ambassador.

Rider: Jeremy Jones  Photo: Andrew Miller  Location: Iceland

Global Ambassadors

Jeremy Jones

Forrest Shearer

Marie-France Roy

Alex Yoder

Miikka Hast

Nick Russell

Julien Herry

Mitch Toelderer

Blair Habenicht

Ian Wood

Ralph Backstrom

Yuta Watanabe

Jason Robinson

Gray Thompson

Bibi Pekarek

Kyle Miller

Lucas Debari

Halina Boyd

Guide Ambassadors

Jamie Weeks (Alaska)

Tom Burt

Naoyuki Kato

Brett Menter

Ueli Kestenholz

Bill Glude (Japan/Alaska)

Tyler Toews (BC)

Regional Ambassadors

Kael Martin

Ryan Hudson

Hidehiko “Waji” Wajima

Kenichi Miyashita

Jay Hergert

Inaki Odriozola

Daniel Vonach

Kazushige Fujita

Ian Holmes

Tony Pavlantos

Jeff Frigon

Martin Cambell

Maxwell Morrill

Jennifer Chase

Zach Clanton

Andrew Forward

Mark Koekler

Chris Tretwold

Reid Pitman

Abby Cooper

Shop Ambassadors

  • Kinsey Smith /// EVO /// Seattle, WA
  • Stewart Lagner ///  EVO  ///  Seattle, WA
  • Kyle Brady  ///  /// Salt Lake City, UT
  • Kenny Good  ///  Sports Exchange  ///  Truckee, CA
  • Jason Borgstead  ///  Blue and Gold  ///  Anchorage, AK
  • Liam McCarthy  ///  Pacific Boarder  ///  Vancouver, BC
  • Justin Johnson  ///  Shred Haus  ///  Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Shane Johnson  ///  Tribute  ///  Nelson, BC
  • Jeremy Sochin  ///  Number One  ///  Lucerne, Switzerland
  • Bola  ///  All Boardsports  ///  Bolder, CO