Early Season Sliding and Splitboarding

Early Season Sliding and Splitboarding

Since I was a kid I’d get this antsiness once Fall rolled around.  I’d watch and rewind and watch my snowboard videos over and over again.  It was a bit like scratching an itch, the more I watched TB2 or the Transworld Video Magazines the more I wanted to go snowboarding but I couldn’t do anything about it.  I just had to wait until Stevens Pass or Alpental opened in late November or early December to finally slide on snow.  After 26 years of snowboarding I still feel the same way, but splitboarding has allowed me to get out earlier and earlier.  I no longer have to wait for the lifts to open.  Once the first snow starts flying its go time.  We usually start with a trip to Rainier in September or October.  Some times you score ripable snow…


Jake and Tyler carving up the Muir Snowfield

And other times you just get plain soaked…


Karakoram puddle stompers

Its always fun no matter what happens.  Splitboarding has a way of slowing my brain down from the standard frantic pace.  The skinning up is always calming, especially on a beautiful day on Mt. Rainier.

Bryce and Forrest Burki navigating the early season snow pack

Bryce and Forrest Burki navigating the early season snow pack


The crew hanging out at Camp Muir

Snow will usually start building up in mid-November in our local mountains.  The local ski areas runs have fewer shrubs and trees to cover up, so they are a good option with lower snow coverage.  I always enjoy the early season snow pack because the boulders make fun features to bounce off of all the way down.


Tyler bouncing a little mute grabber


Mike ripping the boulder field


Splitboarding has allowed me to get out months before the lifts open and ease pre-season itch. The only problem now is once the first powder days roll in I can’t get enough.