Splitboard Season Just Around the Corner

Splitboard Season Just Around the Corner

With Splitboard season just around the corner, most of us mountain people are getting ready.  Summer is changing to Fall, the anticipation builds. We are taking inventory of our gear, waxing boards or skis, and sharpening edges.  Some of us are looking to upgrade our backcountry kits with a new set of bindings, a new board or a new back pack.  We’re improving our fitness so we can take that third or forth lap.  One thing that is sometimes forgotten is to ask the questions, “How am I going to stay safe this year?  How am I going to improve my safety awareness and make good decisions in the backcountry.”

These questions are ever present in my mind as we lost friends last year in an avalanche.  Let’s ask these questions of ourselves and make sure we stay safe in the backcountry.

Have you taken an avalanche safety course or refreshed your skills?  Check out these resources to find a safety course near you:

Have you trained with your beacon?  Do you know how to use your safety gear?

Do you know the five red flags?  Do you actually uses them in the field?

  • Recent avalanche activity
  • Rapid Warming
  • New snow within the last 24 hrs
  • Strong winds (Wind Loading)
  • Whomping or cracking

Funnel some of your pre-season excitement into finding a backcountry safety course, training with your beacon, and utilizing the five red flags. Let’s make sure we all come home safe this year and ride another day.