Splitboard Clip Review by Kyle Miller

This past summer professional splitboarder Kyle Miller contacted us to see if he could try out our Splitboard Clips on his trip to South America with the Sweet Grass crew for their film Solitare.   Read his review below:

When I first got my hands on the Karakoram splitboard clips I was a tad bit concerned. I had been using the standard Voile hooks for years and wondered what the benefit would be from trying out a new system. My first adventure with the splitboard clips was the high volcanoes and mountains of the Bolivian Andes. At a high point of 20,000 feet. I was beat both mentally and physically but was happy to find that the system was so smooth and effortless that it lined everything perfectly and solid with minimal energy it had prevailed in spring corn conditions but I wondered about how they would perform in powder.

The perfect testing oppertunity arose when I made it down to Las Lenas ski resort and it nuked 3 feet of pow. Over the next week I toured almost daily putting my gear through the ringer and had not a single issue with the splitboard clips, actually it made life a tad bit easier. No longer was I battling with built up snow between the hooks. Instead with two simple clicks I was good to go with much more tension connecting the two halves. Instead of a sliding motion to connect the boards your using a folding motion which makes life easier when standing on top of a peak where space in minimal.

They had past the test and look and feel just as good as the day I got them!

With well over 50 days under my belt on them I can say without a doubt the Karakoram Splitboard  Clips are a huge step in the progression of splitboarding!

-Kyle Miller
Professional Splitboard Mountaineer