I don’t really know what to say except, “Man, I can’t wait to go back!!!”

This was the second year for Bryce and I to attend and the Kalifornia Split Party didn’t disappoint!  Josh, Mike, and the crew did an amazing job all around, but I have to especially thank them for ordering up the healthy helping of deep pow.  Not sure how they did it, but they must have an in with the snow gods 🙂

We flew in to Reno, picked up our economy car, and as we were about to head south on 395, the Russman calls, “Can you pick up my buddy Tyler Kent in Reno?”  So by the skin of his teeth, Mr. Kent secured himself a ride down to the SplitParty and set his fate for an epic weekend…

After fresh tracks down 395, we rolled into Convict Lake about 11:30, chatted a bit with the Cali crew, and hit the sack dreaming of fresh sierra pow.

Crews were headed all over the next morning, we opted for Mammoth Crest, which we were assured would have plentiful pow.

Part of the crew (Swanny, Dan and Dusty from Alaska, Henning, Issac, sdmarkus, Bryce, and I),  after the couple mile approach on the road.

We spied this line on the way up and hoped for the chance to drop it on the way down.

We decided to head up to Red Cone bowl and circle back to hit the line off the lower headwall later in the day.

Bryce breaking trail up to the ridge.

sdmarkus and Dan


We made it up to the top of Red Cone bowl and it was time to drop!

Tommy dropping

Dusty enjoying the offerings from above

Henning roosting!

Bryce surfing the wall.

me DEEP!!!

Lap 2- Bryce Freestyle crashing. 🙂  Henning had an identical run to this, but it wasn’t captured on camera.  We later heard that Tom Burt and crew watched the cartwheeling shinanigans from the ridge, laughing all the way.

The cliff we wanted on lap 3, but after digging a pit and a ski cut set off a slab, we opted out.  Also due to the weather socking in we weren’t able to take on the headwall we spied earlier in the day.

at the bottom of our run, we ran into Tom Burt, Swanny, and crew and then split skied 3+ miles on the flats back to the car.

Our handy work as viewed from near the parking lot

We headed back to the cabin for some much needed grub, drinks, and the hot tube.

After feasting on steaks and creme brule, we were treated to BCD’s “Tick List” slideshow… so many amazing lines!

Now back to the afore mentioned weekend of Epicness for Mr. Tyler Kent… after barely snagging a ride to the split party,  shredding a bluebird day of Sierra pow, the raffle ensued and Tyler, who showed up with only boots, walked away with splitboard, bindings, and skins!!!  Super stoked for you Tyler!!! Couldn’t ask for the gear to go to some more in need!











We all turned in pretty early looking forward to another day of adventure.

Day 2 was a tribute to Jim W. who was off at a wedding for the weekend… no Siearra trip is complete without a trip to the Dana Plateau.  JayBay, Tom Burt, BCD, Dan, Dusty, Ole, Henning, Bryce, and I headed out towards Coke Chute with the intentions of dropping some couliors off the top.






As we were about to start up the base of Coke Chute, a wet slide was set off from the warming rocks and bowls above Coke.  The slide just about took out a tele skier who was breaking trail.  Due to the slide and the rapidly warming conditions, we decided to hit the more north facing couliors.  Tom, BCD, and Josh headed up the chute immediately lookers left of Coke, while Bryce, Henning, and I picked shorter yet very aesthetic looking chute off the ridge.






We threw the boards on the pack and booted up!

Me dropping first.

Bryce dropping.

Henning ripping…

The best pic of the trip, Henning with a soulful heelside

Chillen’ at the lunch rock, as we waited for Tom, BCD, and Josh to drop from the top of the Plateau.

Super lights in the Sierra!!!  I know I’m a bit biased, but they were rippin’ fun!

We cruised down the rest of the way a mix of pow, sludge, and corn and then recapped the the lines of the day with whole crew, shared photos, and talked gear with Tom Burt.  It was the end to a great day and a great trip.

Next year we’re camping out for a few days at the Plateau… too many lines calling us not to…

Can’t wait ’til next year!!!!