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In 2008 we started off as two brothers in a garage with a home-made CNC mill. Today we’ve grown into a manufacturer with customers worldwide and team of people who define Karakoram. You’re welcome to come by the shop, grab a beer and see how we build bindings. You can find more inside information about Karakoram in our “From the Inside” category part of the Karakoram blog.

You can also find out more detail about our local supply chain in this blog post.

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Tyler Kloster

Lives: Snoqualmie, WA
Years Snowboarding: 25
Background: Splitboarder, 10 years Mechanical Engineering
Title: Owner, Creator, Mechanical Engineer, Binding Builder
email: tyler@karakorambc.com

Where does your creativity come from?
I don’t really know where my creativity comes from to be honest. I have always had some weird inner drive to figure out how everything works or why things are the way they are, especially understanding mechanical things. This, for me at least, leads naturally into wanting to make things better and creating new things.

Coolest thing you’ve done with Karakoram?
I think it has to be all the friends that we’ve made along the way

What’s your ideal day?
Finish a new prototype, zip up to the mountains for a test tour, shred a 1500-2000ft pow filled couloir, finish the day at Alps for a few runs with my 2 year old daughter.

Favorite trick
NW Method and Wildcats

Bryce Kloster

Lives: Seattle, WA
Years Snowboarding: 25
Background: Splitboarder, 10 years Mechanical Engineering
Title: Owner, Creator, Mechanical Engineer, Binding Builder
email: bryce@karakorambc.com

Where did the idea for the Split30 come from?
After riding a splitboard for the first time it felt so different from a solid snowboard that the second I got home I gave Tyler a call and told him that I knew that there had to be a better way to make a splitboard. A year later we had our first working prototypes and the rest is history.

Who inspires you?
I owe a lot to my dad as he got Tyler and me into skiing at age 3 and snowboarding at age 8. He also taught us a lot about working hard and figuring out how things work. He isn’t an engineer, but he thinks like one.

Favorite thing about running Karakoram?
Snowboarding has always been a huge part of my life, so it is pretty cool to be making products that other snowboarders are enjoying.

What’s your favorite snowboard trick?
A Northwest Style Method

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Russell Cunningham

Lives: North Bend, WA
Years Snowboarding: 18
Background: Splitboarder, Mountaineer, Exercise Physiologist, Pumped on being Stoked
Title: Relationship and Communications Director, Binding Builder
email: russell@karakorambc.com

Why are you a part of Karakoram?
Quality of life is everything. I spent a long time preparing for a career in physical therapy research, but after a while I realized that I wasn’t there for the right reasons; it wasn’t for passion, I was doing it because of my ego. What I get to do now is apply my strengths and education to something that supplies me with endless amounts of passion and energy: Mountains and Relationships.

How did you get involved?
Well there were these two kooks I meet at the first Mt. Baker Splitfest and the rest is history…

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on? Why?
Spending two weeks on a glacier in Alaska. Getting the chance to see the biggest and wildest place I’ve ever seen and riding terrain that dreams are made of.

You have adult ADD, how does this help or hinder you?
Hyper focus on the things I’m most passionate about and interested in. It gives me an unusual amount of energy. Hinders… I can’t work a desk job…

Favorite song to build bindings to?
Tool- Lateralus, Bon Inver- Holocene

Favorite trick
BS 180

Robert Timmerman

Lives: North Bend, WA
Years Snowboarding: 10
Background: Splitboarder, Material Science Engineer
Title: Production and Process Engineer, Binding Builder
email: robert@karakorambc.com

How did you get started with Karakoram?
Through Husky Snowboard team, started with a summer internship.

You’re from Hawaii, how did you get into snowboarding
My parents bought me a snowboard in 8th grade and took me to Idaho to go snowboarding.

How does material science play into backcountry products?
Understanding how temperature and use will impact design and material selection. Finding a balance between weight savings while maintaining performance and dependability.

What’s your favorite place to tour?
Mt. Baker

Favorite trick

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Chad Perrin

Lives: Bellingham, WA
Years Snowboarding: 25
Background: Splitboarder, Superman
Title: Global Sales and Marketing, Binding Builder
email: chad@karakorambc.com

So Chad, you’ve been involved with the Snowboard Industry for nearly 6800 years. That’s ALMOST seven Millennia! How does a guy stay as stoked and rad as you after all these years of total domination?

I have hardly dominated, I have mainly been a disciple of keeping it fun and ensuring our industry remains sustainable and does not lose focus of the primal reasons from which it started. Everyone loves pow, everyone loves the journey, so how I stay stoked is knowing that there are days filled with pow slashes and great people to share those days and experiences with. Despite all the hard work that goes into the work, it’s the payoff of being able to tick off and ride new lines with friends, all the while making new friends in the process. It seems like every time I go out on the skin track I meet new people, splitboarding has brought forth a new renaissance in snowboarding through building a great sense of community, its great to be part of that, that is the ultimate stoke.

How did you get involved with Karakoram, and what excites you the most about our future?

I was part of the founding team with Jones Snowboards, and I met Russell at the inaugural Mt Baker Splitfest, he was sooo stoked about this new splitboard binding. He introduced me to the Kloster Brothers, I then spoke to Jeremy about the new product, I connected the Klosters with Jeremy and from then on we had become good friends. I have spent a lot of time traveling and on snow with the Bryce and Tyler, to say we have been around the world together is very true, in the most literal sense. Since then it was a no brainer for me to get involved, the product speaks for itself, the company itself is dynamic and sustainable and the small staff is all time. My passion is helping brands grow, I am proud to be helping Karakoram get to the next level.

In a time where 90+ percent of all snowboarding products are manufactured overseas by non-snowboarders, what is the significance of having a local Washington supply chain, and riding products that are hand-built in the USA by snowboarders?

Not many brands can claim what Karakoram can claim, sustainable and localized production. What that illustrates is the pride of ownership in every part of the process and the added value of relationships. It’s great to be able to go visit your suppliers and get to know them, so you truly understand how they and their processes work, and many times due to the proximity, they are able to react faster, where as the overseas component you are dealing with time zone issues, language issues and you are not getting the face time you need as often as you need it, its twice removed and most likely is not being built by someone who understands or uses the product. At Karakoram, all of us assemble and use what we make, now I like them apples.

How important is it to you to get out into the mountains on a regular basis?

Its as important as the bible is to the Pope, the mountains are my bible

Daniel Sasser

Lives: Seattle, WA
Years Snowboarding: 4
Background: Splitboarder, Mechanical Engineering, Masters Student
Title: Binding Builder

You’re from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, do you think your swamp buggy skills has helped with your snowboarding?
Yes, my swamp buggy skills help me tremendously. Or actually I’ve never been.

What is noodling and have you ever been?
Noodling is when you strip down to your skivies and walk into a lake, stick your arm under a log, and bug a cat fish until he bites you. Then you shove your arm down its mouth. And Yes, I love it. It’s my favorite!!!!!

How was your first splitboard experience?
Terrible. It was wet, muddy and we walked through beaver ponds on the way back. It felt like noodling.

Favorite Trick

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Michael Davies

Lives: Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest
Years Snowboarding: 14
Background: Splitboarder, Mechanical Engineer
Title: Binding Builder

How’d you end up building bindings for Karakoram?
Living in Denver and wanted to get out. The Cascades looked rad. Thought Karakoram was doing some cool things and I contacted you guys to see if I could be a part of it.

You’ve been working with us since the start of the summer, what’s your initial impression?
Great people building a solid product. Good to be a part of a team that builds a great product and really uses it.

You just moved to Washington, do you think your nomadic living will settle down here?
Can’t tell the future. My girlfriend and I are totally stoked on it. We could stick around. It’s like Pennsylvania with bigger hills.

Favorite thing about snowboarding
I love that the only thing I’m focused on is what’s .2 seconds ahead of me.


Lives: With Bryce
Years Snowboarding: Prefers to run and leap
Background: Dog, sleeps a lot, loves Patrick from UPS
Title: CED (Chief Executive Dog), Tail Chaser

What’s your favorite thing about Karakoram?
Bark, Running in the snow, woof, Patrick from UPS, arf.

Why do you chase your tail?
Woof, same reason you climb mountains and ride down them- because it’s there. Arf.

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Lives: Snoqualmie, WA
Years Snowboarding: 25
Background: Splitboarder, 10 years Mechanical Engineering
Title: Watch Dog, Scare the Postal Delivery Guy Barker

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