Spare Parts


Airflow Highback



PRIME Interfaces

Split30 Interface

Tour Mode


’11-’12 Strap Kit


’13-’14 Strap Kit


Interface Hardware


Replacement hardware for interfaces, includes:

  • 14x M6 x 8mm stainless steel buttonhead socket screws w/ patch lock
  • 4x M6 x 10mm stainless steel flathead socket screws w/ patch lock

Tip and Tail Clips


Karakoram Tip/Tail Clips are made from Dupont Zytel ST and are designed to be stiff and tough. Combine these with Karakoram Splitboard Clips to eliminate tip and tail slop forever.

Tip/Tail Clips include:

  • 2x Tip/Tail Clips
  • 4x Stainless Steel Rivets
  • 2x Stand-offs

Highback Hardware

Highback Hardware includes:

  • 4x M5 x12mm Caphead Screws
  • 4x Highback T-nut

Board Clip Hardware


Board Clip Hardware includes:

  • 8x #10-32 x .5″ stainless steel flathead socket screws
  • 6x #10-32 stainless steel nylock nuts

Binding Hardware

Binding Hardware includes:

-16x M5 x 12mm caphead socket screws with patch lock

Heel Risers

Short Climbing Wires