The Prime System

Prime Quiver-Connectors (Snowboard Interface)

Prime Splitboard Interface

Prime Bindings

Performance Matters.

Every design change we make boils down to one simple tenet: gear should improve our experience. For us, experience is driven by performance. High-performance snowboarding is more than transport,more than just trying to get down the hill. It is dynamic, playful, aggressive, unpredictable, fluid. Communicated through feel, punctuated by turns, performance becomes an improvised conversation with the mountains:

Can you thread that couloir, navigate that spine, clear that gap?
Can I hold my line, throw up that cloud, drop that pillow?
Okay, now where am I? Can I make another lap before light escapes the hill?

It’s continuous – not one giant reckless rush, but a series of flutters: an ebb, a flow. We need gear that we can push as hard as we push ourselves. We want to focus on our environment and our riding – nothing else. Gear we can trust frees up bandwidth to listen to the mountain. Performance is bindings that don’t ever lose touch with the board, that send and receive tactile feedback to the hill, that changeover smoothly regardless of snow, temperature, wind or ice. It is an interface that transfers your energy to the mountain without lag. High-performance bindings instantly communicate your answer to the mountain’s challenge.

Active Joining Technology

Karakoram riding performance starts with our Active Joining Technology which allows fast removal and attachment of bindings while maintaining optimal riding performance. When you close the Power-Link to lock your Karakoram bindings to the Quiver-Connectors (Ride Mode for splitboard), the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) spring loads the binding to the snowboard generating pre-loaded contact points near the snowboard edges. In addition to pre-loading contact points, the Quiver-Connector (Ride Mode for splitboard) creates a wider connection to the board by extending the binding attachment points outside the traditional snowboard hole pattern. The combination of the wider connection and pre-loaded contact points prevents the bindings from flexing off the snowboard and increases your leverage to the edges of your snowboard, giving you more power transfer from less movement.

Karakoram Snowboard and Splitboard Bindings

Prime Quiver-Connectors


Compatible with all Prime System bindings, Quiver-Connectors allow you to quickly and effortlessly swap your Karakoram bindings from board to board. Now your split, your park board, your pow stick, your groomer rocket, and anything else in your quiver can enter the world of durable, no-compromise, lightweight Karakoram performance. No turning screws, no fumbling trying to remember your stance, and no wasting time when you want to switch boards.

Prime Splitboard Interface

Ride Mode

When you work your tail off to climb up the hill, you want to know that your ride down will be a reward and not a compromise. You want your splitboard to ride just like a regular snowboard – you want a Solid Ride.

  • Zero seam movement for the ultimate solid board performance
  • 4 wide pre-loaded contact points for direct power transfer to the edge
  • Stance angles: -30° to 30°
  • Stance width: ½” increments
  • Board insert width: 3¼” to 3½”

Tour Mode

The climb up is all about efficiency. With a precision sleeved pivot on the binding and Active Joining Technology on the Tour Mode you get the ultimate in edge control and the smoothest stride.

  • Wide support cradle increases tour mode rigidity
  • Offset cradle allows snow to clear during entry
  • Quick release touring bracket allows for quickest and simplest transition
  • No removable parts ensures you won ‘t loose any key components

Dual Flip-Speed Riser w/ Heel-Lock

Only works with Alpine Primes (Prime1, SL, Straightline, Carbon)

  • Flip up with pole basket; simple and easy
  • Dual height
  • Heel-Lock for skating, side stepping and traversing

Single Flip-Speed Riser

Comes standard with All-Mountain Primes (Connect, Connect-W, Connect RCT)

  • Flip up with pole basket; simple and easy
  • Single height

Prime Bindings

Alpine Primes

Continuing their reign as the pinnacle of splitboard innovation, the Alpine Primes remain the bindings of choice for seasoned backcountry riders. With CNC’d aluminum construction, dual FlipSpeed risers, Heel-Lock, and Active Joining Technology, our Alpine Prime bindings offer everything experienced splitboarders seek from their bindings. New for 16/17, we are proud to include our FlexLock standard with all Alpine Prime bindings, effectively doubling edging power while touring.


Prime SL

Prime Straightline

Prime Carbon

All-Mountain Primes

Karakoram Performance, now optimized for inbounds riding on solid snowboards. Setting the new high mark for performance solidboard bindings, the All Mountain Primes sprung from our discovery that the performance benefits of Active Joining Technology aren’t limited to just splitboards. We started with the spread-contact, spring loaded interface of our Prime system, and modified it from the board up to create the ultimate binding for traditional solid snowboards. Solid snowboards: welcome to Karakoram. Welcome to Performance. Oh, and the cherry on top: the All Mountain Primes allow you to quiver and are split ready.


Connect RCT

Women’s Primes

New for 16/17 we’ve expanded our Women’s binding line to include three models with woman specific sizing- lower highbacks, short binding length and narrower toe box. We have you covered from the charging resort rider to the backcountry purist.




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