Autumn has always been a season of anticipation for people who love the snow.  The leaves start changing from green to brilliant hues of orange, red and yellow, the morning air becomes crisper and eventually the morning dew turns to morning frost.  Winter is getting so close.  Sometimes I would say I’m giddy with eagerness and other times I’d say I’m fidgety with withdrawal.  My last white room powder day was months ago.  I’m lucky enough to go splitboarding in the summer and fall on Mt. Rainier, but I still long for wintery goodness.

New shred flix are premiering- The Art of Flight, TB20, Breaking Trail, Solitaire, Twe12ve, the Further trailer, etc.- my head is about to explode with anticipation.  With the distraction of building bindings I’ve brought myself down to the reality that winter is still a solid two months away- I can handle it.  Then the snow gods  push me over the edge, Tahoe, Salt Lake, and Colorado are reporting snow,  lots of snow… Then the inevitable, splitboard friends start bragging on Facebook:

 ” I shredded Main chute off Baldy last Wed.  We got like 3 feet up there.”

“Sunny, snowy, sweet, California”

“Snow in the mountains!”

“Snowbird Oct. 6 snow is here!”

The snow report is bad enough, but seeing the pictures of snow flying and others enjoying it is too much to take.***

Is there such a thing as “lack-of-snow” insanity?  Enough already, it’s time to ride.


***  I’ve been known to send a camera phone shot of an epic powder field or two while others are at work.  So, I guess I deserve the early season angst.